Our Story

Finley + Bailey Strategic Communications began with a conversation, a discussion about the current, massive transformation of public relations and marketing and communications and how their integration creates a new discipline with once-unimaginable opportunities. It’s been said, “One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.”

We have to deliver – every day – on the promise of building innovative, collaborative, purposeful communications programs.

We started a firm to create change for clients; to embrace the change happening around us, not wait for change to occur. There is nothing strategic about reactive communications in an era where the news cycle is measured by a stopwatch and everyone with a smartphone is the new media.

We have to deliver – every day – on the promise of building innovative, collaborative, purposeful communications programs that integrate public relations and marketing and creative storytelling and branding to deliver on our other promise: We produce results when and where and with whom it matters most.

The rest of the story...

Our vision is to build a firm that is agile; that assembles the best talent available to execute powerful strategies that enhances a business or organization and solve any issues that may arise. We like the fact that clients work directly with our principals, both with great reputations and with experience in working with start-ups, large corporations, mid-sized companies and large-scale organizations. We know our community, and we know the influencers and thought leaders who shape where we live. At our core, though, we are experienced, dynamic storytellers who know how to develop content, strategize about business success and deliver value.

Finley + Bailey is deeply rooted in the four-step process of public relations: research, planning, implementation and evaluation, creating innovative communications programs that are impactful and aligned with critical business measurements that define success.

What defines our success is the recognition by our client partners that we are strategic counselors who deliver scaled communications roadmaps that look far beyond the horizon to realize the next level of sustained high-level performance. Through research and planning, we devise measurable solutions to enhance an organization, solve any issue and engage with those communities who matter most to our client and their success. Because our success is measured, not by old-style impressions and mouse clicks, but by actual engagement with the customer or consumer or elected official or neighborhood entity that we can inspire to action.